Astros website includes an entire section of their

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Unformatted text preview: in tuxedos with yogurt. This ad shows a slim woman, smiling, enjoying the product in a grand, 28 Passel, Lauren. "SparkLife » 18 Reasons Yogurt Is Fail." SparkLife. 19 July 2010. Web. 28 Sept. 2010. < ­reasons ­yogurt ­is ­fail>. 19 | P a g e fantastical way. The advertisement shows what the consumer can achieve if they experience the Yoplait Source product. Print Advertising: Product ad featuring a nude woman being held by many different hands while showcasing the product. The ad immediately attracts the viewer’s attention and gets them to read into what the product is showing. The link to the product within the ad is that the ad communicates that everybody will love the consumer’s body after they consume the yogurt. 20 | P a g e Competition Website: Astro: In comparison to the Danone Activia website, The Astro website is less visually appealing than Activia’s and is also more challenging to navigate, and find information on the product. Activia’s website is by comparison, very simple and easy to navigate since there are not too many sections to it. Astro’s website includes an entire section of their website dedicated to recipes using their products, as well as a description what flavours are available for their product. The recipe and flavor list sections are both missing from the Activia website. Yoplait: The Yoplait Source website is very basic, however, it is still difficult to navigate compared to Activia’s website, and finding information is at times, difficult. The main 21 | P a g e information is contained within the link “Did you know there are 8 good reasons to love Yoplait Source?” This link looks as if it will redirect the user to the top of the site, but instead it directs the user towards the main information area of the site. Although all varieties are featured on the page, there is no description about the variety, meaning that the user must painstakingly go forward and back to figure out which type of yogurt best suits them. Once the user has decided this, there is no description, just the title of the flavour. 22 | P a g e Statement of the Main Issue & Opportunity: The main issue within the yogurt industry, and Danone’s Activia, is that there are various brands with similar app...
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