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Unformatted text preview: Activia [products] were clinically and scientifically proven to health benefits that other yogurts did not.”18 Danone was forced to settle and set up a fund which now refunds customers if they are in any way unsatisfied with the results, and was forced to supply more proof and studies on their website to make sure that consumers are better informed on the product and its USP. 18 "Dannon Sued over Probiotic Yogurt Claims - CTV News." - Canada's Home for Primetime and Daytime Television Watch Full Episodes Online. Web. 29 Sept. 2010. <>. 12 | P a g e Market Share: Leading Yogurt Makers, 2006: Company Yoplait Inc. Danone Co. Stonyfield Farm Inc. CoolBrands International Well’s Dairy Yofarm Corp. Colomgo Inc. Johanna Foods Inc. Meadow Gold Dairy Inc. ($ Mil.) 1,107.0 922.0 218.0 93.0 66.0 52.0 43.0 37.0 37.0 Share (%) 35.28% 29.38 6.95 2.96 2.10 1.66 1.37 1.18 1.18 Market Share Reporter. Rep. Vol. I. 2008. Print. Danone is the second largest producer of yogurt in Canada, with Yoplait Inc. leading in market share as of 2006 by an estimate 6%. Leading Yogurt Brands, 2006: Brand Yoplait Original Yoplait Light Danone Light N Fit Danone Activia Stonyfield Farm Yoplait Go Gurt Dannon Danimals Share (%) 11.0 8.3 6.7 4.4 4.1 3.1 3.0 Market Share Reporter. Rep. Vol. I. 2008. Print. The chart above depicts that Danone is a well-established company on the market with a total sales projection of $922,000 in 2006, dominating 29.38% of the yogurt market. The company’s brand Activia is just slightly below its other competitive brands with a market share of 4.4%19. 19 Market Share Reporter. Rep. Vol. I. 2008. Print. 13 | P a g e Target Analysis: Based on demographic, geographic and psychographic factors, this is an estimate of what Activia’s target market may appear to be. Demographic Profile: Activia is targeted primarily towards full-time working males and females aged 2564 years of age. 77.7% of users are females and 6% more likely to be yogurt users, while 68.8% are males and 6% less likely to be yogurt users. Heavy users are 19% more likely to be adults 35-49. These adults have an income of $50,000 or higher and dwell in a household of three or more individuals, with children between the ages of twelve to eighteen. They are 5% more likely to be married or living with one another and 74.1% are principal grocery shoppers. 14 | P a g e These adults are also well educated with 30% being more likely to have a post grad degree20. Geographic Profile: 1,717,000 of yogurt users live in Ontario but are 12% less likely to be consuming Activia Yogurt. The number of yogurt users in Quebec is 1,518,000 but they are 28% more likely to consume Activia21. Psychographic Profile...
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