Adaptation to target will be necessary initial

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Unformatted text preview: ts. You should be able to convince the reader that your interpretations and conclusions are supportable. (Adaptation to target will be necessary.) •initial reduction steps (object, darks, flats, biases) – specific steps taken or omitted (and why) •what photometry package(s) was used? what plotting tasks? what function-fitting routines? •what values were used for key parameters for the various important tasks? why were those values used (briefly) – did you take into account the seeing? •include an image of a star profile from each filter to justify values •aperture photometry: what was aperture size? different for each filter? what was fwhm of psf, psf radius, fitting radius, sky annulus, dannulus? •include the psf “perfect” star profile – comment could come as a figure caption •are your facts and conclusions supported by the data? are your calculations accurate? •give an estimate of the error in the magnitudes and the precision of your photometry (the S/N homework can guide you here) •discuss your results in light of what you wanted to accomplish; compare your results to those of other researchers <15>Figures, charts, tables •figures – your target(s); could include figures from professional papers – include comparisons, comments, interpretive description •charts – with brief explanation and good captions •tables – all target and observational data •figures etc. included in body of paper; captions are clearly stated and descriptive <10>Summary – Clear and concise one or two paragraph synopsis that may include future directions. <5>References •IRAF manual •At least one outside reference for background information on your target, to be included in your introduction and that may have directed part or all of what you did in your analysis <10>Overall report •report is clearly written and logically organized •understanding of content clearly...
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