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Unformatted text preview: demonstrated by author •spelling and grammar OK, easy to read Use references resulting from a NASA ADS search (papers are quite detailed; use as starting references for your literature search): What these papers can offer, if not exactly the information or guidelines you are looking for, is a list of past papers – the authors will have essentially done part of the literature search for you. Be sure to review the instructions for authors for the Astronomical Journal, as this website will give you an excellent overview of what would be required once you do get ready to publish! References on Scientific Writing “Me Write Pretty One Day: How to Write a Good Scientific Paper,” by William Wells, The Journal of Cell Biology, Volume 165, Number 6, June 21, 2004 757–758 “Writing the Scientific-Format Paper” from Colorado State University, processes/science/pop2a.cfm (retrieved 05/15/10) “Writing a Scientific Paper,” based on Cox, G.W. 1990. Laboratory Manual of General Ecology, sixth edition. Wm. C. Brown Publishers, Dubuque, Iowa, (retrieved 05/15/10) [Please ask me or work with the writing center here at the U of W if you feel you need additional guidance.] SCORING RUBRIC - Scientific Observing Paper Astronomy 480 - Guideline Score Abstract (10) Overview clearly stated Results indicated Introduction (10) Adequate background Purpose clearly stated Paper lay-out Observations (10) location and equipment stated data tables complete local conditions and seeing given Reduction Procedures (40) Reduction steps clear Packages used stated Parameter values given Star profile/PSF information included Error analysis complete Discussions includes hypothesis/objectives Comparisons made with other research Facts/conclusions supported by data Calculations accurate Analysis (15) Figures Charts Tables Captions (clear/appropriate) Summary (10) Clearly a synopsis Future suggestions made References (5) Correct format used; all references included Overall report (10) report is clearly written/logically organized understanding clearly demonstrated spelling and grammar OK, easy to read Paper reflects journal entries 10 120 Total Comments...
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