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Hierarchies and markets vs communi9es when a

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Unformatted text preview: cessantly crea1ng a new one. This process of Crea%ve Destruc%on is the essen1al fact about capitalism. “ Joseph Schumpeter, Capitalism, Som and Democracy, 1942 S- Curves and Crea9ve Destruc9on Compe9ng Technologies “Markets vs. Hierarchies” and “Markets vs. Communi9es” •  When a technology requirements and consumer preferences are understood ! internal development or contrac9ng •  When there is a need for cumula9ve knowledge ! involve communi9es –  Current knowledge oSen resides outside the boundaries of one organiza9on –  Joy’s Law: •  “No maXer who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else” Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems cofounder Source: Boudreau & Lakhani (2009), Lakhani & PaneXa (2007) Three Pla*orm Business Models •  A main ques9on is “Who sells to whom?”: –  Control over the direc9on of technology –  Control over income- streams –  Control over the end- customer rela9onship •  The three models: 1.  An Integrator Pla_orm 2.  A Product Pla_orm 3.  A Two- sided Pla_orm Source: Boudreau & Lakhani (2009) Three Pla*orm Business Models Integrator • ...
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