Provided they are aliated with the plaorm a plaorm can

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Unformatted text preview: A pla_orm owner sells to customers •  Apple owns iTunes: between iPhone app developers and consumers External Innovators Platform •  Can dictate specs, control income streams Customers Source: Boudreau & Lakhani (2009) Three Pla*orm Business Models Product Platform •  Innovators build on a technology pla_orm •  Innovators sell products to customers •  Examples: GoreTex – companies licensing the technology and create their own products; Intel processors External Innovators Customers Source: Boudreau & Lakhani (2009) Three Pla*orm Business Models Two- sided Platform •  Innovators and customers freely interact and transact provided they are affiliated with the pla_orm •  A pla_orm can impose some control •  Examples: Facebook and third- party apps External Inno...
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