Firms posion in a network network centrality knowledge

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Unformatted text preview: s of a par<cular organiza<on 8-25 8-29 2 Strategic Alliances Number of R&D Alliances •  Voluntary arrangements between firms –  Sharing knowledge, resources, and capabili<es –  Leading to gaining & sustaining compe<<ve advantage •  Requires effec<ve Alliance Management Capability –  A firm’s ability to effec<vely manage three alliance ­related tasks: Explosive growth since the 1980s yields faster products at lower costs and aids globalization. •  Strengthen compe<<ve posi<on –  Apple vs. Amazon •  Enter new markets –  Local partner for global growth –  Microsou partners with Yahoo on search •  Hedge against uncertainty –  Roche invests in Genentech 1990 & buys it in 2009 •  Access cri<cal complementary assets –  Pixar partners with Disney •  Learn new capabili<es –  GM & Toyota (NUMMI) – formed in1984 •  Non ­equity alliances –  Based on contracts •  Supply agreements •  Distribu<on agreements •  Licensing agreements •  Equity alliances –  One firm takes par<al ownership in the other –  Allow the sharing of tacit knowledge (that cannot be codified and can only be acquired through ac<ve par<cipa<on in a task) that concerns the “know how” –  Tends to produce stronger <es and greater trust •  Joint ventures –  Standalone organiza<on owned by 2 or more firms •...
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