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Unformatted text preview: o see in this course. 4. Content: a. Page 1: Cover page. b. Page 2: Prepare a table of ratios (just like the one in handout #4) c. Page 3-4: Answer 10 questions: (Maximum 2 pages. See the sample for the questions.) d. Appendix: attach two sets of balance sheet and income statement for 2007 and 2008. Highlight the numbers you used in Page 2 – 4. 5. Format: Free. Double or single sided. 6. Due date: Nov. 16 in class. SAMPLE (It would be great if you could show your calculation. If typing is inconvenient, hand-writing is fine.) Better or worse? 2007 2008 (from 07 to 08) Long-term solvency Financial leverage Debt ratio Times-interest-earned ratio Profitability Earnings per share Gross profit ratio Net profit margin Return on asset (ROA) Return on equity (ROE) Efficiency and short-term liquidity Current ratio Acid-test (quick) ratio Accounts receivable turnover Average age of accounts receivable Inventory turnover Days’ sales in inventory Total asset turnover Market P/E ratio Book value per share of common stock (For market ratios, use stock price in each year, not the current price. You can obtain stock price information by checking financial websites and look for “historical prices.” Company websites may also contain...
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