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Unformatted text preview: roject Project Design Requirements Fo Tan Site Prepare Preliminary Site Formation Design Report 1. Introduction (project background; what does report cover?) 2. Site Description (location; topography; adjoining buildings, slopes etc.; anything else the reader should know) 3. Subsurface Conditions (geology; soil stratigraphy based on existing GI data; groundwater conditions) 4. Geotechnical Parameters (assessed from GI & lab test data) 5. Engineering (design options; proposed scheme; construction method & work sequence; design assumptions; presentation of stability assessment and design) 6. Conclusions 7. Recommendations (further GI, construction monitoring, long-term maintenance etc.) Project Project Design Requirements Fo Tan Site Prepare a ground investigation plan to facilitate detailed design of site formation and foundation works • Deliverable should include a ground investigation plan with borehole locations • The plan should also indicate the proposed field testing, sampling and instrumentation Design Design Project – Assessment Criteria • • • • • Technical proficiency Clarity on presentation Attention to details Cost-effectiveness Innovative ideas...
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