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A specialized cell type of the root responsible for

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Unformatted text preview: ith specific cell surface receptors. Junctions between plant cells that allow the passage of molecules through them across cell walls. Macromolecules found in the extracellular matrix that are composed of large amounts of unusual polysaccharides called glycosaminoglycans. Protein molecules present on cellular surfaces and interact with specific ligands to elucidate an intracellular response. Junction complexes between epithelial cells at the apical surface which form circumferential seals between adjacent cells. Cell Specification And Signaling In Plants Description Reference A plant hormone that activates seed dormancy and inhibits germination. Cellular continuity that occurs outside of the cell's cytoplasm in the spaces between cell walls. The precursor of a nonhair cell in the Arabidopsis root that takes up the vital stain toluidine blue. The first plant hormones to be identified that regulate cell elongation, xylem regeneration, apical dominance, phototropism, adventitious root growth, gravitropism, and fruit development. A plant hormone that is structurally very similar to steroid hormones in animals. A group of cells in a chimera that are all related because they arise from a single cell. A family of pigment molecules in plants that absorb light in the blue part of the spectrum. cytokinins ethylene symplastic A plant hormone that stimulates growth and cell division. A gaseous plant hormone that regulates fruit ripening. Stems that are flat and broad, as opposed to round and narrow, and may split into two different directions, thought to result from meristems that fail to grow from a single tip. A plant hormone group that regulates plant height. The two inner cells of the stomatal complex that permit or prohibit the movement of gasses and the escape...
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