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A specialized meristem found in woody plants that

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Unformatted text preview: of water vapor. The direct precursor of the guard cells during formation of the stomatal complex; influences adjacent cells to divide asymmetrically to produce the subsidiary cells. A specialized cell type of the root, responsible for the uptake of nutrients into the plant vascular system. Photosynthetic cells of leaves that are full of chloroplasts. Proteins that are thought to transport molecules between plant cells and increase the effective pore size of plasmodesmata to allow passage of molecules up to 40kD in molecular mass. Specialized cell type of the vascular system which transports sugars through the plant and which lacks nuclei but is kept metabolically active by companion cells. Molecules of a plant that absorb light. A family of pigment molecules in plants that absorb light in the blue part of the spectrum. A plant's ability to bend toward a light source. A family of pigment molecules in plants that absorb light in the red (daylight, lake bottoms) and far- red (moonlight, shade) part of the spectrum. Membrane- bounded cytoplasmic channels through the cell wall that connect the cytoplasm of neighboring cells. The directional active transport of auxins from the tip of the shoot toward the base of the plant; it occurs independently of gravity. A complex formed by two guard cells and two subsidiary cells that regulates gas exchange on the leaf surface. The two outer cells of the stomatal complex, which help the guard cells open and close. Cellular continuity that occurs within and between cell's cytoplasm, allowing electrical continuity and the free movement...
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