A tube which is extended by the germinating pollen

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Unformatted text preview: of small molecules between cells, usually through plasmodesmata. trichoblasts The precursor of a hair cell in the Arabidopsis root that has small vacuoles and will not take up the vital dye toluidine blue. fascinated stems gibberellins guard cells guard mother cell (GMC) hair cells mesophyll cells movement proteins phloem photoreceptors phototropins phototropism phytochromes plasmodesmata polar auxin transport stomatal complex subsidiary cells trichomes vascular cambium xylem Title anthers antipodals apomixy bracts carpels central cell chalazal end cotyledon dicot embryo sac endosperm floral meristem gametophyte germination hypophysis inflorescence meristem megaspores micropylar end microspores monocot ovary ovule Specialized polyploid cell type that form hairs on leaves and stems; can be single protrusions or multibranched. A specialized meristem found in woody plants, that produces the xylem and phloem of the stem. Specialized cell type of the vascular system which transport water through the plant and which lack cytoplasm and nuclei but have specialized cell walls. Reproduction In Plants Description Structure of the flower in which the male gametes, pollen grains, are formed and stored. Cells at the chalazal end of the embryo sac that may be important for nutrient uptake. A plant producing seed without undergoing fertilization. Reduced leaves that are formed by an inflorescence meristem. Parts of the flower containing the female gametes; originates from the innermost whorl 4. A cell at the center of the embryo sac with two nuclei. The end of the embryo sac farthest from the egg. The "seed leaves" of angiosperms, which nourish the embryo during...
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