Dna binding domain in the proteins encoded by

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Unformatted text preview: grating neuroblasts ependymal zone originate. The most anterior part of the brain, which will form the forebrain cerebral hemispheres, the hypothalamus, and the eyes. The most posterior part of the brain, including the cerebellum hindbrain and the brain stem. Ectodermal placode that will form parts of the optic system lens placode (eye). The intermediate layer of the neural tube, which contains gray mantle zone matter and which has a small number of cell bodies. The outermost layer of the neural tube, which contains white marginal zone matter and the cortex of the brain. mesencephalon midbrain nasal placode neuromeres optic cup optic stalk optic vesicle otic placode peripheral target prosencephalon rhombencephalon rhombomeres Title amniotes area pellucida blastocyst The midbrain, which lies anterior to the hindbrain (rhombencephalon) and posterior to the forebrain (prosencephalon). The region of the brain between the forbrain and the hindbrain. Ectodermal placode that will form parts of the olfactory system (nose). A series of repeated bulges from the neural tube that are the first signs of overt anatomical segmentation in the developing vertebrate nervous system. The optic vesicle later in development, after it invaginates to form a cuplike structure that envelopes the lens placode. Connects the optic vesicle to the diencephalons. Part of the diencephalon that has bulged out to form a vesicle, which will become the eye and which will induce the lens. Ectodermal placode that will form parts of the auditory system (ear). A target that is innervated by neurons of the peripheral nervous system, such as the m...
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