The dorsal portion of the somite which retains an

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Unformatted text preview: and can renew the meristem. corpus expansin gravitropic initial cells leaf axil leaf primordia meristem peripheral zone phyllotaxy plastochron quiescent center root apical meristem shoot apical meristem spiral phyllotaxay stele tunica whorled phyllotaxy Title Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH) Corticosterone Releasing Hormone (CRH) ecdysone eclosion The interior deep layer of the shoot apical meristem located below the tunica, sometimes designated L3. A protein that causes expansion of the cell wall in plants. Senses gravitational forces. A set of four cells that each give rise to different cell types of the root apical meristem. The junction between the leaf stem and the main stem. Bumps that appear as new leaves initiate from the meristem in the peripheral zone. A group of multipotent cells at the tip of a shoot or root of a plant that can generate organs, has regenerative properties, and is self- organizing. The outer region of the shoot apical meristem that surrounds the central zone; it is morphogenetic and will form organs (leaf, flower). The pattern of primordial initiation; can be whorled or spiral. The time interval between successive leaf initiations. A set of cells in the root apical meristem with very slow cell cycles. The meristem of the main root, which produces the roots and responds to gravitational cues. The meristem of the main shoot, which produces leaves and flowers. The pattern of primordial imitation where leaf primordia bud at certain angles from the previous primordial, usually at an angle of 137.5 degrees. The interior region of the root, composed of the pericycle and the...
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