The folds of neurectoderm that elevate through apical

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Unformatted text preview: uscles of the limbs. The forebrain, or most anterior part of the brain, which will form the cerebral hemispheres of the brain, the telencephalon, and the diencephalon. The hindbrain, which will form the metencephalon (cerebellum and pons), myelencephalon (brain stem), and rhombomeres. Overtly segemented structures of the hindbrain in vertebrates, with distinct borders of morphology and gene expression. Amniote Development Description Reference Animals whose embryos develop in an aqueous environment enclosed by membranes, the innermost of which is called the amnion. These membranes are continuous with, but distinct from, the cells that give rise to the embryo proper and are thus called extraembryonic. Birds, reptiles, and Mammals are Amniotes. The epiblastic region which is located directly above the subgerminal cavity and is transparent relative to the rest of the egg as its constituent cells have less yolk. The edges of the blastodisc have yolkier cells and are thus more opaque; they form the yolkier periphery called the area opaca. The 128- cell mammalian embryo that is characterized by a fluid- filled cavity called the blastocoel. The blastocyst is ready for implantation in the uterine wall. blastodisc cavitation compaction embryonic stem cells (ES) The multicellular disc formed by meroblastic (incomplete) cleavages of the cytoplasmic disc on top of the yolk during early development of the avian embryo. The flow of water into an internal space alongside the ICM caused by the high osmotic pressure created by Na+ and Cl- ions accumulating in the internal space due to the epithelial cells of the Trophoblast having Na+ pu...
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