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The unfertilized egg the process by which an oocyte

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Unformatted text preview: ch lie on the surface of the 16- cell stage and which are generated following the third cleavage of mammalian zygotes. This layer of cells will form trophoblast the placenta. The covering around the blastocyst that is digested by zona pellucida enzymes secreted by antipodal trophoblast cells. Developmental Regulatory Networks I: Drosophila And Other Invertebrates Title Description Reference A complex of five homeotic genes (lab, pb, dfd, scr, and antp) antennepedia complex that regulates anterior segment identity in Drosophila. A complex of three homeotic genes (ubx, abdA, and abdB) that specifies the identity of the third thoracic and all the bithorax complex abdominal segments in Drosophila. Genes that play an initial role in the segmentation cascade. Gap genes encode transcription factors, and as a result of...
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