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Formal Report Instructions Cell Structure and Function Please follow the instructions found in the handouts. In addition to these instructions, please also adhere to the following instructions. In the Methods section, tell what was done. Do not give instructions. Common practice has been to use the passive voice past tense. Example: The sample was titrated with 0.0100 M KIO 3 . Do not word this as: Titrate the sample with 0.0100 M KIO 3 . More recently, professional journals have gone to use of active voice (i.e. we titrated the sample with 0.001 M KIO 3 ). Passive voice may lead to rather complex constructions, simplified if you use active voice. Some TAs may prefer one or the other. They will tell you if they have a preference. Use a font size no smaller than 10 nor larger than 12 as used in Windows. Use commas after introductory phrases before the subject of the main part of the sentence. Example: To measure the electrical conductivity, electrodes were placed in the solution. This is my rule, although many
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