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Mitochondria II March 3, 2008 Notebook 1. Goal of the lab (5) _____ 2. Flow chart (10 ) _____ 3, Record observations (5) _____ 4. Record results. (5) _____ Lab Report 1. Introduction (10) ______ 2. Materials and Methods (10) ______ 3. Results (15) ______ Tables and figures should each have title and description Results section needs to be organized, logic of each Figure explained 4. Discussion (20)
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Unformatted text preview: ______ Discussion needs to analyze the results, discuss any problems in the experimental design or the analysis. Include the original hypothesis developed and how the results relate to the hypothesis (if the hypothesis is disproved, for example indicate why General organization, clarity, spelling, etc. (20 points) ______ Total ______...
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