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Unformatted text preview: growth, high share Established, successful ••Established, successful SBU’s SBU’s Produce cash ••Produce cash Low share SBUs in high growth ••Low share SBUs in high growth markets markets Require cash to hold ••Require cash to hold market share market share Build into Stars or phase out ••Build into Stars or phase out ? Dogs Dogs Low growth & share ••Low growth & share Generate cash to sustain self ••Generate cash to sustain self Do not promise to be cash ••Do not promise to be cash sources sources 2-12 Product/Market Expansion Grid PRODUCT MARKET Existing New Existing Market Market Penetration Penetration Product Development New Market Market Development Development Diversification 2-13 Product/Market Expansion Grid Based on Starbucks • Market Penetration: make more sales to current customers without changing products. – How? Add new stores in current market areas: improve advertising, prices, menu, and service. • Market Development: i...
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