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Possible Experiments 1. We have other substrates of the TCA cycle available (citrate, α -ketoglutarate, and isocitrate). Some reactions might be assayed with the assay we used for succinate dehydrogenase, while the assay might be less likely to work with others. Develop a hypothesis based on your understanding of the assay as to which might be better substrates for the DCIP assay than others and test your hypothesis. 2. We have a compound, malonate (not to be confused with malate), which is supposed to be an inhibitor of succinate dehydrogenase. Devise an experiment to determine what
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Unformatted text preview: type of inhibitor it is (competitive or non-competitive). 3. Most inhibitors are specific for the enzyme they inhibit. Devise a test to determine whether it is true that malonate is specific for succinate dehydrogenase. 4. In the first week, we looked at broken preparations of mitochondria compared to whole mitochondria. Based on your understanding of this experiment, devise a hypothesis concerning how other enzymes in the TCA cycle might behave. Devise an experiment to test your hypothesis....
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