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Unformatted text preview: 7E% D(7+,-?;(6 %% -fluid filled spaces help brain to maintain shape and protects it and will nourish brain I#)!BAJ!'1==-(%'!$3/!:1'#&-3'!%#)!9($&3!! U,(=%4*V(,%*7E% F'-+(%4*V(,% )AW%-4*H(%38%*%=3:7H/%7(:,3;3H-?*;;=%% 73,4*;%-7E-D-E:*;J%% Q% !"#!$#"!% U,(=%4*V(,%*7E%F'-+(%4*V(,% -6 layers of cortex in brain Y(:,376%*7E%H;-*%% Y(:,3761%&35-(<$K-3!<)'')38)('! U;-*1%'1==-(%;!=(-%):K-3;!3-1(&'#<)3%!()=$&(;!! ! !3)1(-%($3'<&''&-3+!! >%43+3,%7(:,37% X% !"#!$#"!% Y(:,376%+,*764-+%-783,4*@37%*+%6=7*56(6% [,:H6%*;+(,%6=7*[email protected]?%+,*764-66-37%-7%+',((%F*=6% 1. increase amount on nt released into cleft 2. act in cleft to decrease nt reuptake 3. act to breakdown nt really fast so wont r each receptors to suppress nt Z% !"#!$#"!% [,:H6%*;+(,%6=7*[email protected]?%+,*764-66-37%-7%+',((%F*=6% &,*764-V(,%3#*"%,:1%N7'*7?(6%7(:,3+,*764-V(,]6%*[email protected]% &,*764-V(,%3":3#*&...
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