135 how have we learned about the specializations of

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Unformatted text preview: ech and Brain Mechanisms, p. 135. How have we learned about the specializations of the two hemispheres? • Wada (amobarbital) testing • “Split-brain” patients The Wada Test - injected into one of the major arteries of the brain -if we wanted to put left hemisphere asleep, we would have patient wiggle toes and count down from 10 and soon enough, their right arm would stop and they would stop talking A short acting sedative is administered to one hemisphere, “putting it to sleep” for 5-10 minutes. 4 Speech lateralization related to handedness in 262 patients Handedness # cases Speech Representation Left Bilateral Right Right 140 96% 0% 4% Left or mixed 122 70% 15% 15% Rasmussen, T. & Milner, B. (1977). Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. The Corpus Callosum and “Split-Brain” - white wazy substance in middle is myelin showing corpus collosum is highly myelinated 5 Corpus Callosum: Connects the left and right hemispheres. Cut to relieve epilepsy (rare) Corpus Callosum Labeled-line coding: Left Visual Field Retinotopy Right Visual Field + Motor and sensory information crossed - motor system is crossed 6 The Left-hemisphere Interpreter -left hemisphere make a coherent story in our heads - 7 Split-Brain Conclusions: • • • • No subjective sense of split consciousness No “split personality” Attention not split Emotional reactions not split • “independent” functions • Left-hemisphere: linguistic processing; interpreting and ‘reconstructing’ ...
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