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Correct several local centres work together in

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Unformatted text preview: by itself. CORRECT: Several local centres work together in parallel to support complex functions. The Cerebral cortex - pink= 6 layers to it -blue= less than 6 layers The layers of cortex made visible using three different anatomical stains Some cells Cell bodies Myelinated Grey matter and white matter W hich is not a method used before 1940? a) exp. brain lesions in nonhuman animals-> flourens b) clinincal studies of humans with damage in specific brain regions-> broca - -> c) functional neuroimaging d) detailed anatomical investigation of structure of cortex in differeent regions e) using electrical signals to stimulate regions of brain - Wilder pinfield 2 Wilder Penfield and “The Montreal Procedure” Motor Cortex Somatotopic organization 3 - pinfield mapped out areas for speech by having patient speak while he was stimulating areas of the cortex and when there was a change in speech, he knew an area he stimulated was associated with speech Penfield & Roberts. (1959). Spe...
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