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Lecture 7_forstudents_3perpage_optimized

Add uid to recipient 3 remove uid sample heart 5 heart

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Unformatted text preview: ansmission? A motor neuron 5 12- 10- 21 Neurons transmit [email protected] at synapses Drugs alter [email protected] transmission in three ways 6 12- 10- 21 Drugs alter [email protected] transmission in three ways TransmiVer agonist: Enhances neurotransmiVer’s [email protected] TransmiVer antagonist: Reduces/blocks neurotransmiVer’s [email protected] NeurotransmiVers Donor Heart 1. [email protected] Vagus 2. Heart rate slows Recipient Heart 4. Add fluid to recipient 3. Remove fluid sample heart 5....
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