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The human nervous system central ns brain spinal cord

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Unformatted text preview: socia6on areas: receive input from the sensory areas and lower parts of the brain, and are involved in cogni6on ([email protected], thought and decision making). The Human Nervous System Central NS: Brain, Spinal Cord Peripheral NS: Nerves s! rve Ne s! rve Ne s! rve Ne Brain More brain Spinal cord Ner ves ! Ner ves ! Ner ves ! Ner ves ! s! rve Ne What is the brain made of? Meninges Blood vessels Cerebrospinal fluid Neurons and Glia (Grey maOer and White maOer) 2 12- 10- 21 The meninges protect the brain } meninges Wax anatomical model of human head, Europe, 1801- 1900 Science Museum London Blood vessels feed the brain and get rid of waste Arteries carry fresh blood to...
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