Magnificationminimization eg evaluated by peers in

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Unformatted text preview: as not their fault Cognitive Distortions, cont’d ! Emotional Reasoning !  E.g., “I know I did okay, but I still feel like a failure.” ! Magnification/Minimization !  E.g., Evaluated by peers in class; two negative and 28 positive evaluations = focus on negatives -underemphasizing positive aspects Undoing Cognitive Distortions ! Test of Evidence !  Reasons for conclusion -what are reasonings for why your thought is true !  Search for contrary evidence !  Alternative explanations !  Derive new conclusion based on evidence ! Useful in overcoming generalizations !  Apply to: “Not a lot of people talked to me my first day of class; I must not have what it takes to make friends.” Undoing Cognitive Distortions ! The Double-Standard Method !  Talk to yourself as you would talk to a friend ! The Experimental Technique !  Do an experiment to test the validity of your thought ! Thinking in Shades of Grey !  Evaluate situation based on continuum Undoing Cognitive Distor...
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