Modelling imitate the successful behaviours of others

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Unformatted text preview: Behavioural Therapies: Operant Conditioning !  Modelling: imitate the successful behaviours of others (note: not really “operant conditioning”, but textbook puts it here) !  Extinction of maladaptive behaviours: remove previously available positive reinforcers !  Punishment of maladaptive behaviours: administer negative consequences for undesirable behaviour Behavioural Therapies: Classical Conditioning !  Systematic desensitization: pair increasingly feared stimuli (e.g., spiders) with a relaxation response -to treat fears and phobias !  Flooding: directly and fully exposed to fearful stimulus until fear dissipates !  Aversion therapy: pleasant but undesirable stimulus (e.g., alcohol) paired with aversive response (e.g., vomiting) Behavioural therapies? Phobias, addictions, and specific problem behaviours that can be targeted Cognitive Therapy/Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) !  Thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions interact with environment to produce maladaptive behaviour !  Change thought proces...
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