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Predisposing causes diathesis preexisting

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Unformatted text preview: -histrionic study tends to be over-dagnosed in women and under diagnosed in men Causation: Diathesis-Stress Model !  Predisposing Causes (Diathesis) !  preexisting susceptibility !  genetics, learned beliefs High !  Precipitating Causes (Stress) !  triggering circumstances !  death of a loved one, physical disease, stress Also important to consider… !  Maintaining Causes Amount of stress interaction b/w 2 variables is what causes disorder !  perpetuating consequences !  could include negative (e.g., no sleep) and/or positive consequences (e.g., extra attention) Disorder manifested Disorder not manifested Low Low High Predisposition for the disorder Anxiety Disorders !  Anxiety: sense of apprehension or fear accompanied by physiological reactions -adaptive !  Panic Disorder: recurrent, unexpected panic attacks peaking within 10 minutes !  Anticipatory anxiety -> fear that panic attack might happen at any moment -> anxiety of being in places where it !  Wit...
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