Causes of dissociative disorders not too well

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Unformatted text preview:   DID !  Dissociative Experiences Scale (Bernstein & Putnam, 1986): !  A screening tool, NOT diagnostic !  Only 17% of ‘high scorers’ likely to meet the criteria for DID !  Causes of Dissociative Disorders (not too well understood): !  Genetic component !  Stressful event(s) !  Lack of coping skills Schizophrenia -split from reality, not identity !  Comes from Greek meaning split and mind !  split refers to loss of touch with reality; different from dissociative state; not split identity -world is strange and dangerous place !  Males have earlier onset !  18 to 25 for men; 26 to 45 for women -1 in 100 people have it Symptoms of Schizophrenia -must have at least 2 of 5 symptome ! Positive symptoms -> excess or distortions of normal function !  Delusions !  Hallucinations !  Disorganized Speech !  Disorganized or Catatonic Behaviour ! Negative symptoms -excess or loss of normal function !  Absence of normal cognition or affect (i.e., flat affect, poverty of speech, or slow movement) Symptoms of Schizophrenia Mr. James believes that aliens are trying to harm him by shooting lasers at him from space. If he stays in his apartment that is covered in aluminum foil, he thinks he’ll be safe. Mr. James is most likely experiencing: A.  disorganized behaviour. B.  --> C.  catatonia. delusions. D.  hallucinations. E.  compulsions. Symptoms of Schizophrenia Lisa hears voices that tell her she is in trouble with the government and should trust no one. Lisa is most likely experiencing: A.  disorganized behaviour. B.  disorganized speech. C.  delusions. D.  flat affect. --> E.  hallucinations. Symptoms of Schizophrenia: Delusions -beliefs of something that is not true !  Delusions of persecution !  e.g., “they re out to get me”; paranoia -peope plotting against them !  Delusions of grandeur (aka Megalomania) !  e.g., God complex -beleiving in ones...
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