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Hypomanic episode criteria met for manic episode for

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Unformatted text preview: fternoon may be 3 manic symptoms -4 days may be depressed sypmtoms, 3 days may be manic symtoms !  Hypomanic Episode: criteria met for Manic Episode for 4 days, but symptoms NOT severe enough to cause impairment or hospitalization -no need for hospitalization -only disorder when comes in conjuction with other episodes Mood Disorders !  Major Depressive Disorder !  One or more major depressive episodes without history of Manic, Mixed, or Hypomanic Episodes -just depressive episode !  Bipolar I Disorder: !  One or more Manic Episodes OR Mixed Episodes !  Major Depressive Episode MAY have occurred in past/ present (but not required for diagnosis) !  Bipolar II Disorder: !  One or more Major Depressive Episodes with at least one Hypomanic Episode -depression required -not full blown mania Mood Disorders Two years ago, Abbie suffered a major depressive episode. Last year, she experienced a Hypomanic Episode and, most recently, Abbie experienced a fullblown Manic Episode. Abbie would currently be diagnosed with: A.  Major Depressive Disorder --> B.  Bipolar I Disorder C.  Bipolar II Disorder D.  Mixed Episode -if just depressive then hypomanic episode then it would be bipolar 2, but then says she is involved with manic disorder and whenever we see manic disorder, then it automatically is bipolar 1 Mood Disorders !  Dysthymic Disorder !  Chronically depressed mood for at least 2 years (no Major Depressive Episode or else it’s called “double depression”) -feeling worthless and really sad all the time -really sad all the time, then experience major depressive episode= double depression !  Cyclothymic Disorder: !  Chronic, fluctuating mood between hypomania and depressive symptoms for at least 2 years -fluctuation b/w really sad and really happy Mood Disorders: Possible Causes !  Cognitive/Environmental ! Example: appraise situations negatively !  Negative events: stable/global/internal causes !  Positive events: unstable/specific/external causes !  “Cognitive triad”: negative thoughts about self, present, future !  Physiological !  Serotonin; norepinephrine Negativ...
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