Biology 301 Lab syllabus 2008

Biology 301 Lab syllabus 2008 - Biology 301, Winter 2008...

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Biology 301, Winter 2008 Laboratory Syllabus TAs: Sukanya Chaudhury, Laura Kastner, Dominic Mao, Tim Meeker, Prem Rajkumar, Annette Stowasser Each of these TAs are responsible for a specific section. They will also hold office hours during the week. Specific times and locations will be posted. If you cannot meet with your own TA, you may see another TA in his or her office hours. Please remember that the TAs are also students and they need time for their own work. Weekly Lab Sheets: All the information for each lab will be posted on Blackboard. You are expected to print a copy and bring it to the lab, having read it and written out the sections described below. Lab Notebook: Each student is required to purchase a lab notebook with two sets of pages. On the day of the lab, you will follow the procedures outlined to set up you notebook. Make a duplicate of each page. At the end of the lab exercise, turn in one copy to the TA. Keep the other copy to assist you in writing your report. The write-up indicates how the Lab Notebook will be graded. Unless otherwise stated, the notebook grade will represent 15 points of the total allocated for each lab. For each lab, the notebook page should begin with a statement of the purpose of the lab and a flow chart of the procedure you will follow, as outlined in the lab sheet. You are expected to complete these sections before you come to the lab . This will not only help prepare for the quiz, but will also help you move through the exercise in an organized (and relatively efficient) manner. Quiz: Each week there will be a quiz at the beginning of the lab. The quiz will be on the material written in the lab sheet, so be prepared! Groups:
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This note was uploaded on 04/08/2008 for the course BIOL 301 taught by Professor Tepperman during the Winter '08 term at University of Cincinnati.

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Biology 301 Lab syllabus 2008 - Biology 301, Winter 2008...

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