Thursday 131st binomial random variables due

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Unformatted text preview: ure you understand what is being presented. Preparation for class means doing some of the review exercises at the end of the assigned readings. Additional Resources Some of the course work in Econ 131, especially in the latter half of the course, will involve the use of a piece of statistical software such as STATA or spreadsheet analysis of data. The RAs will offer an introductory class to computational methods later in the term. There is a paperback guide to using Microsoft Excel for statistical analysis that students have found useful in the past, Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel, by Michael R. Middleton (Duxbury Press, 2003). Unfortunately, this text has not been updated for Office 2007/2010 yet, and I have yet to find a book that I like that has. If you are new to Excel or have never performed spreadsheet data analysis before, you may want to purchas...
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