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Unformatted text preview: 1 Virtual Infrastructure Access Mgmt Insulate information from other tenants Big data demands real-time security among large number of alerts generated by sensor devices. Need to filter out falsepositive alerts Cloud Provider Physical Infrastructure Enable end to end view of security events and compliance across infrastructures Insulate information from cloud providers’ employees Encryption & key mgmt Tokenization User cases include most industries and government agencies such as the health industry and tax collection agency, etc. They will benefit greatly from using realtime security analytics tools. GRC (Courtesy of Dr. L. Nick, EMC 2008) 13 14 Cloud and Data Security and Copyright Protection at USC Big-data privacy can be easily violated by malicious invasions, invasive marketing, decreased civil freedoms, and increased state and corporate control Anonymizing data for analytics is not enough to maintain user privacy. We demand methods to prevent inadvertent privacy disclosures Malicious insiders or untrusted partners are often extract private information form customers . Scalable privacy-preserving algorithms are in great demand. 15 Prof. Kai Hwang, USC 16 Data Coloring for Cloud Privacy Protection Data has to be encrypted based on access contro l policies. Attribute-based encryption (ABE) has to be made richer, efficient and scalable. ABE alleviates the access control problem by using a PK...
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