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EE599-Lec17-BigData-Oct22-2013-Hwang-New(1) - Major...

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1 Trusted Cloud Computing with Security and Privacy Protection Prof. Kai Hwang, Lecture 17, Oct. 22, 2013 b BigData in Clouds, Social Networks and the Internet of Things b Big-data integrity, security and privacy hinder the acceptance of clouds by users 2 Socialization + Localization + Mobilization + Cloud computing + Globalization Cloud Social Mobile Global + Local Major Development Trends of The Internet: SoLoMo + CloGlo = The Future 3 Mobile Internet Era is Here Data sourcesUCisco 2013 The compound growth rate of global mobile data traffic is expected to reach 66% between 2012 and 2017. By the end of 2012, mobile data traffic accounted for more than 13% of the total flow of Internet. 4 Mobile Internet Creates More Valuable Big Data Mobile Internet Convenience Individualisation IntelliSense Social Networking E-bussiness Location service Intelligent terminal Reflects the social relationships, a more objective response to popular belief Reflects the transactions, the more closely contact the physical world Reflects the location, to make information more three- dimensional Rich information collection means to make the information more diversified Mobile Internet makes information more real-time, accurate, three-dimensional, thus greatly improves the value of the data and expands wider space for information services.
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5 Cloud Computing is Key to Mining Big Data Structured data; low processing efficiency of unstructured data Expensive Hardware; Poor compatibility High scalability with the cost of Vendor lock-in Hybrid analysis capabilities of structured/unstructured data X86 servers; Good compatibility High scalability, over 10,000 node-level deployment transaction DBMS DBMS ETL DW Analysis Cluster Cluster Unstructured Stream Multiple data sources (MapReduce) Traditional BI technology can’t deal with Big Data can’t deal with Big Data Big Data Analysis based on Cloud computing technology computing technology computing technology computing technology Distributed architecture Traditional DB/DW Traditional DB/DW TB PB EB b B MPP DW+Hadoop Analysis Analysis 6 Unlimited Opportunities of Data Mining Distributed File System Structured Data Warehouse
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EE599-Lec17-BigData-Oct22-2013-Hwang-New(1) - Major...

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