Communication strategies for public outreach and

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Unformatted text preview: for public outreach and engagement. 7 8 Cloud Service Models and Their Security Demands Non-relational data stores such as NoSQL databases are facing increasing security threat. Developers using NoSQL DBs usually embed security control in the middleware. Clustering aspect of NoSQL DB poses additional challenges to enforce robustness of such security practices. 9 Data and transaction logs are stored in multi-layer media. Auto-tiering is in great demand for big-data storage management. Prof. Kai Hwang, USC 10 • Large data collection at millions of end points (such as mobile devices) needs to be validated and unwanted or malicious data needs to be filtered out timely. Scalability and availability are the major concern to secure the auto-tiering process. • The problem is getting worse for growing security threats, especially in using the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model in pervasive applications Higher tier in a big company often demands increased security than the lower tiers. • User cases include data collected from weather sensors and feedback votes sent by iphone apps, etc. 11 12 Trusted Zones for VM Insulation Federate identities with public clouds Identity federation APP Virtual network security APP OS OS Tenant #2 Virtual Infrastructure Control and isolate VM in the virtual infrastructu re APP APP OS OS Anti-malware Insulate infrastructure from Malware, Cybercrime Trojans and intelligence cybercriminals Strong authentication Segregate and control user access Security Info. & Event Mgmt Data loss prevention Tenant #...
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