It helps to organize and manage volumes of

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Unformatted text preview: ge volumes of organizational data and provides real-time insights into business data. To launch big data analytics initiatives, many organizations are short of internal analytics skills due to high cost of hiring experienced analytics professionals. Hadoop is a highly scalable framework wherein new nodes can be added without the need for any type of alteration. It provides efficient means of handling a large amount of data. Hadoop approach is capable of handling structured as well as unstructured data flowing from multiple sources The challenges in integrating Hadoop systems and data warehouses are facing many vendors to offer software connectors between the relevant technologies. 1 3 • Hybrid analysis capabilities of structured/unstructured data • Expensive Hardware; Poor compatibility • X86 servers; Good compatibility • High scalability, over 10,000 node-level deployment • High scalability with the cost of Vendor lock-in Traditional DB/DW TB 14 Cloud Ecosystem : Customers, Providers, Brokers, and Carriers Cloud Mining of Big Data • Structured data; low processing efficiency of unstructured data 1 4 13 MPP DW+Hadoop PB Distributed architecture EB ZB 15 Prof. Kai Hwang, USC, Nov. 25, 2013 1 6 16 Challenges in Cloud Security in The Context of Big Data: Why Cloud Security Posts a Major Challenge ? Cloud computing security can be viewed as a double-edged sword, which is reflected in the attitudes of organizations that are using cloud services today or that are planning a migration in the near future. Ownership of customer data Security is often stated as a major concern amongst cloud customers, mostly due to difficulties of getting necessary contractual guarantees of data handling , availability concerns, potential risks of data loss and the difficulties of enforcing the organization's security policies. Usage of customer data On the other hand, some organizations think that the adoption of cloud services has increased their organization's IT security. Clearly, there exist both types of challen...
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