Midterm _1 2008 answers

Midterm _1 2008 answers - Name(print Lab Section Cell...

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Name___________________________ (print) Lab Section______________________ Cell Structure and Function Midterm #1 February 1, 2008 There are 7 numbered pages to this exam including this one. Please check now to be sure that you have a complete copy. Answer in the space provided. There blank sheet at the end of the exam you may use for sample calculations. Transfer any work to the space provided for the answer. WE WILL NOT LOOK AT THE LAST PAGE! If you feel that your test has mistakes in grading, you may submit the exam for a regrade. You must submit the exam with accompanying page that indicates what your problem is. I reserve the right to regrade the entire exam, not just the parts in question. Exams must be submitted for regrade by Monday, February 11, 2008. The following are equations and numeric values you may need for this exam. page 2 ______ page 3 ______ page 4 ______ page 5______ page 6______ page 7______ Total ______ 1
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A . Short answer. Answer in space provided. There is no need to write complete sentences. Each question is worth 3 points. 1. What organelle in a plant cell is used to complete aerobic oxidation of sugar, making ATP? __mitochondrion __ 2. From what cells of the mammalian blastocyst are embryonic stem cells isolated ? ________inner cell mass _____ 3. List two characteristics of stem cells. 1. _____self renewing _________ 2. _____can give rise to diffeent types of cells 4. What types of genes are more closely shared between true bacteria and eukaryotes than between eukaryotes and archaea? ___metabolic __ 5. Which of the ionizable groups found in all amino acids is charged at a pH below its pKa? ____amino
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Midterm _1 2008 answers - Name(print Lab Section Cell...

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