Brown g a carvalho v et al slickline with fiber optic

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Unformatted text preview: 1973. Joule, J. P., and Thomson, W.: “On the Thermal Effects of Fluids in Motion,” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, London (1853) 143, 357-365. Brown, G. A. Carvalho, V. et al; “Slickline with Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Monitoring for Water-Injection and Gas Lift Systems Optimization in Mexico”. Paper SPE94989 presented at the Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. June 20-23, 2005. Julian, J. Y. et al; “Downhole leak Determination Using Fiber-Optic Distributed-Temperature Surveys at Prudhoe Bay Alaska”. Paper SPE 107070 presented at the 2007 Annual Technical Conference, Anaheim, California. November 11-14, 2007. Hartog, A. Brown, G. A. “Optical Fiber Sensors in Upstream Oil & Gas”. SPE 79080. Journal of Petroleum Technology, November, 2002. Brown, G. A., Kennedy, B., and Meling, T.: “Using Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Measurements to Provide Real-Time Reservoir Surveillance Data on Wytch Farm Field Horizontal Extended-reach Wells”. Paper SPE 62952 presented at the 2000 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Dallas, Texas. October 2000. Brown, G. A. “Monitoring Multi-zoned Reservoir Pressures and Gas/Oil Ratio Changes over Time Using Permanently Installed Distributed Temperature Measurements”. Paper SPE 101886 presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, San Antonio, Texas. 24-27 September, 2006. Baker, A. C., and Price, M.: “Modelling the Performance of High-Pressure High-Temperature Wells,” Paper SPE 20903 presented at Europec 90, The Hague, Netherlands. October, 1990. Joshi, S. D., Mutalik, P. N., and Godbole, S. P.: “Effect of drainage area shapes on the productivity of horizontal wells,” SPE 18301. Annual Technical Conference, Houston Texas. 2-5 October 1968. Johnson, D. Sierra, J. Kaura, J & Gualtieri, D. ”Successful Flow Profiling of Gas Wells Using Distributed Temperature Sensing Data”. Paper SPE103097 presented at the SPE Annual technical Conference and Exhibition, San Antonio, Texas. September 24-27, 2006. SPE 115816 7 Deep Deep Basin Figure 1: Map showing the location of the Deep Basin in Alberta, Western Canada Figure 2: Slickline logging unit. 8 SPE 115816 Figure 3: 1/8th inch diameter slickline with an internal optic fiber. 4a. 4a. Conventional 4b. Velocity string 4c. Velocity string + annular flow Figure 4: Conventional gas well and velocity string completions with conventional and with annular flow. SPE 115816 9 Nodal Pressure Model Surface flowing pressure Radial Radial Thermal Model Radial heat loss Well flowing pressure Flow Reservoir pressure Figure 5: Reservoir thermal simulator major components. Steady state flowing temperature Geothermal 12hr transient flowing temperature Joule-Thomson inflow temperature Flow profile Figure 6: Steady state (red) and 12 hour transient (blue) flow profiles for same rate and Joule-Thomson cooling. 10 SPE 115816 Steady state flowing temperature Geothermal Low pressure middle layer Joule-Thomson inflow temperature Flow Flow profile Low pressure JouleThomson temperat...
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