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Chapter 13 Notes MEIOSIS

butthats not all dont forget about the crossing over

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Unformatted text preview: ified… On(top(of(this(is(the(varia;on(brought(about(by( crossover( ! ! Why(is(this(varia;on(important?( Generates variability in offspring - makes each of us unique! Evolu;onary(Significance(of(Gene;c(Varia;on(Within(Popula;ons:( ( New!combina8ons!of!genes!arise!among!offspring!in!a!sexually!reproducing!popula8on! ! *! Populations evolve through differential reproductive success of its variant members ! On!average,!individuals!best!suited!for!a!local!environment!leave!the!most!offspring!–!thus! transmicng!their!genes! ! Results!in!the!accumula8on!of!gene8c!variants!favored!by!the!environment! ! *! As environment changes the population may survive if, in each generation, at least some of its members can cope effectively with the new conditions ! ! Different!combina8ons!of!alleles!may!work!beDer!than!those!that!previously!prevailed! ! Muta8ons! THE ORIGINAL SOURCE OF DIFFERENT ALLELES! ! ! The(ability(of(sexual(reproduc;on(to(generate(gene;c(varia;on(is(one(of(the(most( commonly(proposed(explana;on(for(why(sexual(reproduc;on(has(persisted((...
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