Chapter 46 notes

Chapter 46 notes

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Unformatted text preview: oduce$and$transport$gametes$ Male(Reproduc5ve(Anatomy( *Accessory!Glands:!!produce$ secre8ons$that$combine$with$ sperm$to$make$semen$ *! are ACCESSORY glands that contribute to semen! *!…and secretions from here Secretions from here... *! *$Where sperm MATURES and sperm travel here gains motility. Motile sperm stored here! Site$of$sperm$produc8on$ ! Seminal!vesicles:!!provides$60%$of$fluid$in$semen$k$very$alkaline$contains$mucus,$fructose,$ ascorbic$acid$and$prostaglandins$ Prostate:$$$ contributes CITRATE to semen! This acts as a FOOD SOURCE. Bulbourethral!gland:!!releases!mucus$that$neutralizes$acidic$urine$in$the$urethra$ so that sperm don't die from the acid Spermatogenesis:( production of sperm sertoli cells needed by the sperm the most immature sperm…on the outside (wall) of tubule ASYNCHRONOUS REPRODUCTION. All the sperm are at DIFFERENT STAGES of spermatogensis. This is good bc it allows male to produce sperm ALL the time, not just every 64-75 days. *$Spermatogensis begins @ puberty Takes$place$within$the$seminiferous$tubules$of$the$testes$–$cells$are$at$different$stages$of$spermatogenesis$ Process$takes$approximately$64$–$75$days$ Takes a long time to produce MATURE sperm Sperm$is$produced$at$a$rate$of$1000/sec$ *$ Sperm can live in the female reproductive tract for ~5 days Spermatogenesis:( Mito/c!cell!division!!k$occurs$during$ gesta8on$and$throughout$a$males$life$ $ How(many(chromosomes(are(present(in( each(of(these(cells?( 2n…so 46 chromosomes. $$ Puberty( spermatagonium changes into PRIMARY SPERMATOCYTE. Meiosis!I$–$separa8on$of$homologous$ chromosomes$ End up with Secondary spermatocyte…HAPLOID (1n) (but replicated - has sister chromatids) Meiosis!II!–$separa8on$of$sister$chroma8ds$$$ Sister chromatids separate to make 4 haploid UNREPLICATED chromosomes Spermiogenes...
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