photosynthesis notes

calvin cycle is not krebs cycle calvin cycle is

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Unformatted text preview: *the*cytochrome*complex* 3.  Hydrogen*ion*is*removed*from*the*stroma*when*it*is*taken*up*by*NADP+* The light reaction provided the ATP for driving the Calvin Cycle!! CALVIN CYCLE IS NOT KREBS CYCLE. CALVIN CYCLE IS PHOTOSYNTHESIS, KREBS/CITRIC ACID IS CELLULAR RESPIRATION! The(Calvin(Cycle:( ( Note:**To*synthesize*one*output*molecule*(GlyceraldehydeZ3Zphosphate,*G3P),*the*cycle*must* take*place*3*4mes* * Phase'I'R'Carbon'Fixa0on:*** •  Three*CO2*molecules*enter*Calvin*cycle*(1C)* •  Combine*with*three*RuBP*molecules*(5C)* •  Generate*three*shortZlived*intermediates*(6C)* •  Breakdown*to*form*six*3ZPhosphoglycerate* molecules*(3C)* Very reactive molecule!! --> Make 6 Carbon molecules Veryyyyy unstable - breaks in half C'REnters' 6C'–'very'unstable' breaks'in'half' This is the 3C 3C'molecules' * Rubisco:' 5C' MOST ABUNDANT PROTEIN ON EARTH!!! And in Chloroplast. Functions to Catalyze the first step of the Calvin Cycle Phase'2'–'Reduc0on:'requires*six*ATP*and*six*NADPH* very unstable Very'unstable'' Phase*2* oxidized' End up with 6 3-C molecules reducing power!!!! NADPH loses e- But only ONE exits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reduced' Only'1'molecule'out'of'6'molecules'exits' This G3P (3C) is the precursor for glucose and pretty much all other organic molecules GlyceraldehydeR3Rpho...
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