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photosynthesis notes

look at action spectra so violet blue around 430 and

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Unformatted text preview: ssory'Pigments' Absorp4on*Spectra* - absorption activity happens only at violet-blue and red! Ac4on*Spectra* What(colors(of(light(are(best(for(photosynthesis?( *' Look at action spectra! So VIOLET-BLUE (around 430) and RED (680) ( How(do(the(accessory(pigments((chlorophyll(b(and(carotenoids)(contribute(to((photosynthesis?( ** - These pigments absorb light at slightly different wavelengths and broaden the spectrum of colors that are useful for photosynthesis Carotenoids(may(also(provide(photoprotecBon:((( - Aborb and dissipate excessive light energy that could damage chlorophyll •  Prevent*excess*light*energy*from*interac4ng*with*oxygen*and*forming*oxida4ve*molecules* that*are*dangerous*to*cells* In(animals:( •  The*macula*of*the*human*eye*contains*carotenoids** •  These*accessory*pigments*also*func4on*in*photoprotec4on** •  Carotenoids*are*found*in*health*food*products*as*phytochemicals*that* have*an4oxidant*proper4es* •  Plants*can*produce*all*the*an4oxidants*that*they*require* Yellow*xanthophyll* carotenoids* … •  ** but WE as HUMANS ha...
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