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Unformatted text preview: * major*organic*molecules*of*plant*cells* •  About 50% of the organic material made by photosynthesis ******** is consumed as fuel for cellular respiration in the mitochondria of plant cells. •  Carbohydrates*are*exported*out*of*the*leaves* in*the*form*of*sucrose* Cellulose*is*made*in*plant*cells*that*are* growing*and*maturing.** •  It*is*the*main*ingredient*in*the*cell* wall** Main •  *** ingredient of cell wall Most abundant organic molecule on the surface of the planet! h>p://* Plants*make*more*organic*molecules*than*they* need*as*respiratory*fuel*and*precursors*for* biosynthesis* ** Plants stockpile extra sugar as starch in cells of roots, tubers, seeds, and fruit Importance(of(Photosynthesis:((Big(Picture(( *** Responsible for presence of oxygen in the atmosphere Makes*~160*billion*metric*tons*of*carbohydrates*per*year* No*other*chemical*process*can*match*the*output*of*photosynthesis* ** No other process ON EARTH that is more important than photosynthesis - without it, life would cease to exist h>p://www.gli>*...
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