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Endergonic twostagesofphotosynthesis 1

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Unformatted text preview: *electrons)*to*sugar* •  Electrons increase in potential energy as they move from water to sugar -- this requires energy! ENDERGONIC. *** Two(stages(of(photosynthesis:((( 1.  Light*Reac4ons*–*photo*part*–*converts*solar*energy*into*chemical*energy* 2.  Calvin*Cycle*Z**synthesis*part*–*incorporates*CO2*into*organic*molecules*which*are*converted* to*sugar* CALVIN CYCLE! * Solar*energy* Carbon*Fixa4on* Split* Electrons* transferred** LIGHT REACTION: - photophosphorylation - occurs in cytoplasm Electron* Acceptor* Chemiosmosis* Occurs*in* stoma* Calvin*Cycle:**Reduces* fixed*carbon*to* carbohydrates*by* addi4on*of*electrons* Chemical* energy* generate oxygen! Photophosphoryla4on:**light*reac4on*that*generates*ATP* - occurs in stoma - reduce Carbons to SUGAR via e- transfer The'nature'of'sunlight' ** Travels in electromagnetic waves! Wavelength* Crest*(ridge)* Amplitude* Electromagne4c*energy:**light*energy* Wavelength*is*the*distance*between*crests* * ElectromagneBc(spectrum:((en4re*range*of*...
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