photosynthesis notes

Photosystemi 2er step3a p700 chemiosmosis p680 ez

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Unformatted text preview: nother*O*atom*generated*from* another*splimng*of*water*to*make*O2** * Photo*System*II* 2eR' When they're excited to the primary acceptor, they're being OXIDIZED and need e- to be added again. Photo*System*I* 2eR' Step(3a( !P700+* Chemiosmosis* P680** eZ** Z** e eZ* eZ* Photon* eZ* eZ* Step(4( Step(3b( Light*energy*is*also*transferred*via*light*harves4ng*complex*pigments*to*PSI*reac4on*center* Photo*excited*electron*is*transferred*to*primary*acceptor*crea4ng*P700+* ** P700+ is really electronegative…so it'll accept e- from the bottom of the e- transport chain of PSII and becomes P700 Photo'System*I* Note:**In*Photosystem*I,*the* 2eR' transfer*of*electrons*down*electron* transport*chain*does*not*create*a* proton*gradient*and*does*not* Step(5( generate*ATP* ATP is only generated in PSII Review:( P680+ is like the MOST ELECTRONEGATIVE MOLECULE! Reallyyyy attracts electrons. Pull of e- splits water e- carrier reduced to NADPH chemiosmosis!!!! eZ** Z** e Summary(of(electron(flow(during(the(light(reacBon( Reducing( Power( Chemical(( energy( Key(Points:((( ** we're generating molecules with MORE potential energy, not less. Light reactions uses SOLAR POW...
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