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photosynthesis notes

Visible radiation is what drives photosynthesis bw

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Unformatted text preview: radia4on( * * Trough* Key(Points:((( •  Visible*light*is*most*important*for* life* •  ** This is what we care about in photosyn. Visible radiation is what drives photosynthesis! Bw 380-750 MOST IMP: 450, 700-750 the smaller the wavelength, the higher the energy Photon:* discrete particles of electromagnetic energy! PhotosyntheBc(pigments:(*Light*receptors*that*func4on*to*absorb*light* •  Different*pigments*absorb*light*of*different*wavelengths* Wavelengths that are absorbed disappear •  ** •  We*see*wavelengths*that*are*the*most*reflected*or*transmi>ed*by*the*pigment*** Plants*look*green*because*chlorophyll:* * Absorbs*violetZblue*and*red*light* * So we don't see them Transmits*and*reflects*green*light* * Bc chlorophyll absorbs the other colors, only transmits the green So the pigments we talk about actually don't pick up green at all! Only violet-blue/red! But we SEE everything as green bc it REFLECTS green Chlorophyll(a:((one*of*the*major*pigments*that*par4cipates*in*the*light*reac4on*of*photosynthesis* Acce...
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