photosynthesis notes


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Unformatted text preview: ER to generate ATP/NADPH These*molecules*provide*the*chemical*energy*(ATP)*and*reducing*power*(NADPH)*needed*for* carbohydrate*synthesis*by*the*Calvin*cycle* h>p://* Comparison(of(chemiosmosis(in(chloroplasts(and(mitochondria:( Intermembrane*space* Inner*membrane* Thylakoid*space* Thylakoid*membrane* Matrix* Stroma* Differences:( Cellular(RespiraBon( (mitochondria) Photosynthesis( chloroplast - thylakoid Source*of*high*energy* electrons** Organic*Molecules* Organic Molecules Water*ater w Energy*source* Chemical*Energy*from*Food* Chemical energy of food! * Light*energy* Light energy Light(reacBon(and(chemiosmosis( pH'='8' Proton*Mo4ve*Force* ''pH'='5' Three(steps(in(the(light(reacBon(contribute(to(the(Proton(MoBve(Force((PMF)( 1.  Water is split by PSII on the side of the membrane facing the thylakoid space *** 2.  Protons*are*translocated*across*the*membrane*in*to*the*thylakoid*space*when*electrons*are* transferred*from*Pq*to...
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