photosynthesis notes

When the e get there they will be excited to a

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Unformatted text preview: 700*nm*(far*red*part*of*spectrum)* * Light is going to activate e- which will transfer from pigment to pigment to pigment till finally the e- go to a reaction center (P680 P700)…but * orreates ATP. when the e- get there, they will be excited to a primary acceptor, where they then enter an E- TRANSPORT CHAIN. C Func4ons*first* Func4ons*second* Mechanical(Analogy(for(the(light(reacBon( electron excited! electron falls down transport chain excited again! acts as a "mill" to power ATP Light energy... activates electron.. Linear(electron(flow((during(the(light(reacBon* Photo*System*II* have lost an electron and become P680+ Photon* Photon of light activates electrons when water splits it releases electrons…the resulting O2 makes MOLECULAR OXYGEN (the O we need for cell resp.) Photo*System*II* Primary* acceptor* 2eR' electrons excited to primary acceptor 2H+* +* ½''O2' P680+* eZ* Primary* acceptor* 2eR' H2O* eZ** eZ** Since eadded, it goes back to being P680 P680+* P680+*!P680* eZ* eZ* P680+*is*the* strongest* Oxidizing** Agent* * ** * * eZ* eZ* Step(1( Step(2( O*atom*combines*with*a...
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