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Be specific melting point range indicates purity

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Unformatted text preview: b. How did melting point analysis help you determine the purity of your biphenyl? Be specific. Melting point range indicates purity – less pure samples will melt over a larger range (and the melting point will be lower than the literature value). 4. (8 points) In the extractions lab that you completed, one member of your team of four attempted to purify fluorene that was contaminated with benzoic acid by extraction. Describe a successful extraction protocol for this purification. O OH fluorene benzoic acid 1. Partition mixture between organic solvent (Et2O) and aqueous base (1 M NaOH) in a separatory funnel. 2. Shake the biphasic mixture (venting often), and drain out the bottom (aqueous layer) into one beaker, then drain out the top (organic) layer into a separate container. 3. Pour the aqueous layer back into the separatory funnel...
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