Capsule of a gland is even thicker and surrounds the

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Unformatted text preview: ollagen, pretty much act as SUPPORT for the parenchyma. CAPSULE of a gland is even thicker and surrounds the gland -- acts as boundary -- SEPTA subdivide the gland. Structural classes of exocrine glands branched, but they all empty into a SINGLE duct. with unbranched ducts with branched ducts Table 4-4 Three types or mechanisms of secretion (concept more useful than the morphological classification of glands) Three diff modes of secretion in exocrine glands! This is an ex. of terminal differentiation -- NOT apoptosis -technically it's "programmed" cell death but it's NOT the same! Also fairly rare, mostly seen in MAMMARY gland. Involved in subaceous gland of the skin! Fairly rare. pdt is usually OIL. Merocrine secretions, merocrine glands. Involve process of EXOCYTOSIS. When material inside secretory vesicles fuse with cell membrane and release pdt outside the cell. Merocrine glands are specialized for this type of secretion! Holocrine secretion -- secretory cells themselves in the acini differentiated from a basal region to a more apical region in these statified epithelium -- as they differentiate, the undergo TERMINAL differentiation -- become filled with pdt, lose nuclei & organelles, becomes non-fxnal, br...
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